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Terms of Use

'Addendum' Dated Thursday December 8, 2015 (In Effect)

This addendum ('Addendum') applies to this ‘Privacy Policy’ and to our Website ‘Terms of Use’ and shall be read in conjunction with them.

This addendum ('Addendum') extends, and is applicable to, SoftwareVilla ‘Terms of Use’ and shall be read in conjunction with it.

SoftwareVilla Installer is provided to you on an "as is" and "as available" basis. Your use of the service is at your sole risk.

SoftwareVilla Installer may install third-party software. However, the installation of such software is completely optional and you don’t have to download or install any offer to complete the installation process of your preferred software. By using SoftwareVilla Installer, you certify that you have read and agree to the license agreement and privacy policy for use of SoftwareVilla Installer.

SoftwareVilla Installer does not grant you any license to any third-party software available on SoftwareVilla Installer or elsewhere, nor does SoftwareVilla Installer guarantee the availability of any third-party software.

By using the Product, you certify; acknowledge; and accept that you may not hold SoftwareVilla liable for any losses that may arise out of your use of applications you download and install through SoftwareVilla Installer, the ‘Offer/(s)’.


This addendum does not modify or terminate any of the terms of SoftwareVilla ‘Terms of Use’ as listed hereunder. Alongside this addendum, the rest of the clauses of SoftwareVilla ‘Terms of Use’ will stay in effect until further notice. In case of conflict between this addendum and the rest of the terms of SoftwareVilla ‘Terms of Use’, you agree that the terms of this addendum shall stand null and void.

We may modify these terms at any time without prior notice; and therefore, you’re requested to review this page periodically.

For questions or queries relating to this addendum, or to know more about our policies, feel free to reach out to us at support@softwarevilla.com.

-----END OF ADDENDUM #1 DATED 08/01/15-----