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Privacy Policy

‘Addendum’ Dated Wednesday 7, 2015 (In Effect)

This addendum ('Addendum') extends, and is applicable to, SoftwareVilla ‘Privacy Policy’ and shall be read in conjunction with it.

SoftwareVilla Installer

SoftwareVilla Installer, referred to as the “Product” in its EULA and all related documents, is an executable (exe) application to help you download and install certain computer applications for (on) Windows OS platform.

The Installer provides you the latest version of any application directly from the servers of the application’s original developer, hereinafter referred to as the “Publisher”. The Installer makes sure you get the most up-to-date and verified version of the software you intend to install, alongside ensuring the safest, fastest delivery possible.

During its operation, the Product may offer you other free applications provided by our handpicked partners. These offers are completely optional and you are not required to install any additional applications to receive the software you selected.

SoftwareVilla is committed to ensuring the safety of the information you entrust to us. Your use of the SoftwareVilla Installer is compliant with the Privacy terms listed hereunder. In case you do not agree to any of the Privacy terms; which basically explain what information we collect from your use of the Product and how we use, store or disseminate the same; you are requested not to use the Product and immediately all copies of the Product in your possession.

Please read the terms clearly and carefully to know how SoftwareVilla handles the personal information it collects from you. The terms listed below must be read in conjunction with the rest of the Privacy Policy hosted hereunder.

Information collection & dissemination

The SoftwareVilla Installer does not collect personally identifiable information and abides by the Privacy Policy listed below. For the purpose of providing you the most up-to-date, compatible and stable version of the application you intend to download and install on your system, SoftwareVilla Installer may collect certain specific information about your system, including, but not limited to, the OS, Bit Version, etc. However, we do not collect any information that identifies you in person. Also, we do not sell, rent, trade or share any of your personal details. We respect your privacy and your personal information is stored on systems having redundant firewalls, and access to only authorized SoftwareVilla employees and administrators. Once the information we collect from you becomes outmoded or what time we deem that it is no longer required, we securely shred all copies of your information from our system. Though we try to adopt the best possible measures to safeguard your information, nothing can completely guarantee the safety of any information transferred across the Internet; and therefore, SoftwareVilla does not provide you the safety of your information as a guarantee.

SoftwareVilla Installer installs applications like you would: i.e. with standard and default settings and there’s zero tolerance on malware, unwanted applications, spyware, junk files, obsolete installation logs, etc.

You agree that some offers, referred to as the Offer/(s) in the Product EULA, may carry our affiliate key. SoftwareVilla, in such event, receives a commission when you upgrade those apps.

After the installation process, SoftwareVilla Installer may, when and if felt necessary for improving the overall user experience, collect certain diagnostic information.

Downloading and/or installation of applications and offered apps are at your sole discretion or preference. No software will be downloaded and installed on your system against your expression of will, which may be in the form of selecting relevant checkboxes.

Even the SoftwareVilla Installer is not installed on your system. It’s just a safe, light and secure executable file that will help you download and install the apps you prefer in a secure, fast and convenient manner. You can, then, delete the small file anytime at will. SoftwareVilla Installer does not create, invoke or leave any logs or junk files behind on your system following the completion of your installation process.


This addendum does not modify or terminate any of the terms of SoftwareVilla Privacy Policy. Alongside this addendum, the rest of the Privacy terms will stay in effect until further notice. In case of conflict between this addendum and the rest of the terms of SoftwareVilla Privacy Policy, you agree that the terms of this addendum shall stand null and void.

We may modify these terms at any time without prior notice; and therefore, you’re requested to review this page periodically.

For questions or queries relating to this addendum, or to know more about our policies, feel free to reach out to us at support@softwarevilla.com.

-----END OF ADDENDUM #2 DATED 07/01/15-----