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York Description

York is a simple yet efficient networking tool that helps you log all the traffic on your network card. The application is really easy-to-use and has the ability to log source, destination (FQDN or IP address), protocol, and packet size of all the traffic on your network.

The Network and Protocol analyzer allows you to capture and store transmitted FTP along with HTTP files. In addition, the program enables you to use pattern in order to store specific files only.

York for Windows has an intuitive and user-friendly interface that comprises of a regular window which is divided into several tabs for viewing packets and other data. The utility lets you view the time, port number, addresses and packet size for each host.

On top of that, the Windows software allows you to view captured files, web sessions, passwords, and images, as well as check out the database log and search for the information using a number of criteria (like address, type, port, etc.).

What’s more, you can set York to automatically run at system startup. You can even assign a password for accessing information.

The latest version of York provides you some useful features, especially for the advanced users such as experts can capture traffic into PCAP files as well as send and replay a PCAP file. The seasoned professional can also restrict the captured traffic by tcpdump filters.

Download York to start monitoring the network traffic with great ease.

Key features of York

 > Ability to record network traffic

 > Can capture passwords, files, and web sessions

 > Can analyze and parse network packets

 > Shows sniffed photos in a slideshow

 > Saves sniffed FTP and HTTP files

 > Can log and analyze the traffic on your selected network interface

 > Helps you view the time, port number, addresses and packet size for each host

The Pros

 > Easy to setup and configure

 > Offers advanced features for experts

 > Uses minimal system resources

The Cons

 > Beginners may find some difficulty during the use of advanced features

The Bottom Line

York is a simple-to-use network application that enables you to get a log of traffic on your Windows machine. With this tool, you can sniff for POP3, HTTP, FTP, VNC, SMB, SMTP, and AIM passwords and HTTP cookies to save them. Not only this, but the utility also lets you show pictures in a slideshow.

The program works seamlessly and doesn’t impact your system’s performance and efficiency.

[Note: The Setup will also install WinPcap automatically in which this utility is used to get the network traffic.]

1.98 MB
Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
No other version available
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