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Y'z Dock
Updated: Last week
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Y'z Dock Description

Y’z Dock a simple yet powerful dock launcher that offers fast launching capability and mesmerizing appearance.

The desktop utility for Windows is packed with promising features like transparency and magnification, along with versatile settings menu that facilitates easy and comprehensive customization of various running options.

This freeware tool was widely appreciated and much acclaimed by users when it was first launched. However later on, due to a cease and resist order from Apple, the developer had to stop further development.

Right now, even if the desktop application is no longer being updated, it still has a very large userbase.

Windows users can download free Y’z Dock to experience the flavour of Mac OS X on their device.

Key features of Y’z Dock

 > Floating Windows dock similar to MacOS X

 > Drag and drop executables and shortcuts from Explorer to the dock

 > Advances the properties of each program docked

 > Clock, CPU and integrated trash

 > Swap out how the dock views whenever you prefer

 > No installation required

The Pros

 > Simplicity

Y’z Dock features highly simple and intuitive interface. The application is so simple to handle that any user having basic knowledge about the system can easily operate it. With the help of small icons, commonly called Docklets, a user can simply design quick launch shortcuts. This makes the application an ultimate choice for users who are looking for something simple and effective.

 > Advanced setting menu

This powerful launcher has advanced setting menu that lets users customize the tool as per their need along with setting other preferences like program’s behaviour, position and performance analysis.

 > User-Friendly

The freeware toolbar works in a decent manner and is very much favourable to all the applied computer resources and easy to operate in order to meet the basic needs and requirements of Windows user.

 > Easy to access

Y’z Dock launcher assembles in such a way that it utilizes less memory source and manages to get a clean shortcut interface for an easy access and organization.

The Cons

 > None that can be find

The Bottom line   

Y’z Dock is one of the best desktop utilities available for Windows. It is a comprehensive tool for Windows users to experience the flavour of MacOS X. The looks and features of the application are so effective that any user can take advantage of its advanced desktop utilities without putting any extra effort.

Y’z Dock is a lightweight tool that brings the features of MacOS X in marketplace at a great level without any further updated version.

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Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
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" Ida " Sunday, 12 July 2015 4:33:26 PM

In awe of that anewsr! Really cool!