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WordWeb Description

WordWeb is a comprehensive and useful English dictionary and thesaurus that is compatible with Windows XP or any later version of Windows. It provides complete support for English dictionary, thesaurus, antonyms, synonyms, definition of words, and much more data that you can access after connecting your computer system to the Internet.

It is an easy-to-use utility that helps you do a lot more with your PC by adding your productivity through its keyboard shortcuts. Though the WordWeb database encompasses the whole of English language, you can easily expand the database to include other variations of English language.

The app falls under the category of office tools that saves your time by bringing a full-fledged dictionary at your fingertips. WordWeb is an ideal example of lexicon apps that will send it back to the shelf.

The system tray integration lets you open, paste your word and instantly get the results. You can get WordWeb online free dictionary to improve your writing skills and get relief from confusions. If you often end up looking up for definitions and meanings then WordWeb dictionary app might be the one-stop solution for you.

You can also look for WordWeb Pro, if you want to access some premium features. Customizable, flexible, handy, and much more additional functionality are there, in case you are looking for WordWeb upgrade from free to the paid version!

Key features of WordWeb

 > Definitions and synonyms

 > Related words

 > 1,50,000 root words

 > 1,20,000 synonym sets

 > 5,000 audio pronunciations

 > 65,000 text pronunciations

 > Offline mode – The office tool doesn’t need an Internet connection to serve you with useful data

 > Audio pronunciations – WordWeb Free version packs audio pronunciations for a number of words. You also get access to a broader selection of audio pronunciations in the premium version

 > Tabbed dictionaries – Users with preferred sources can add tabbed dictionaries into the tabbed browser within WordWeb. The feature is useful for doing quick lookups from several sources within a few clicks

 > Hot keys and system tray for quicker access


 > All English websites

 > Displays pronunciations, use and vulgar words as well

 > Works with rich and updated online dictionary


 > Not synced with a world-popular dictionary

The bottom line

WordWeb is a relevant and reliable dictionary and thesaurus that packs a simple, hands-on approach to help you with finding right words. Free download WordWeb office tool to get rid of any mind jam every time you are writing something important or creative.

The office tool is a perfect partner to fight against writer’s block and enhance your vocab. WordWeb online dictionary is a rich source that helps you with all word related problems.

21.60 MB
Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
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