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Wise Program Uninstaller Description

Wise Program Uninstaller is one of the most useful system tools that helps you completely uninstall all unwanted programs without leaving behind leftovers or registry entries. Apart from repairing your problematic programs, it also removes invalid entries from your Windows PC.

In order to uninstall any program from your computer, the application firstly launches standard uninstaller and then moves to quick scan searching for leftovers or registry entries. As soon as the scan process is completed, Wise Program Uninstaller shows you a list of all redundant programs and options to remove them to free up your system space. It makes you assured that all the searched software installations have been removed from your computer completely. In addition to this, the tricky and stubborn programs can be deleted with the forced uninstall as it is efficient to get rid of respective programs.

This program uninstaller comes equipped with two different uninstall modes, namely Safe and Forced. The Safe uninstall mode performs the file uninstallation under normal conditions and tries to delete all related data without putting the OS at risk of failure. On the other hand, the Forced uninstall mode uses force to remove the respective data along with associated files and the Windows Registry entries left behind on the hard drive. It completely deletes all items created during the installation process. However, it is generally not considered to be a safe measure as Windows may experience some errors afterward.

Wise Program Uninstaller for Windows boasts a well-organized UI that shows all the relevant information about how many apps are installed on your system and how much space they take up. Ensuring thorough and clean software uninstall, it works quickly using its simple yet intuitive UI.

While displaying the list of all programs, the latest version of Wise Program Uninstaller helps you check other useful information regarding that application, including its name, size, publisher, installation date, and version of the program. On top of that, it also lets you search for a particular app quickly with a search box placed at the upper-right edge of its interface.

Download Wise Program Uninstaller today to restore the speedy performance of your system by eradicating unwanted applications.

Key features of Wise Program Uninstaller

 > Offers thorough program removal to eliminate stubborn and broken programs

 > Works with two uninstall modes: Safe and Forced

 > Forced uninstall removes all stubborn software

 > Built-in scan engine scans and deletes all the left associated files, folders and registry items

 > Safely uninstalls software from your PC

 > Fast to find the software you want to uninstall

 > Ability to repair your programs

 > Assists you with context menu option

 > Compatible with almost all Windows versions

The Pros

 > Equipped with a simple and user-friendly interface

 > Helps you uninstall unwanted applications from your PC

 > Ensures clean and thorough software uninstalling

 > Multilingual support

 > Optimal response time

 > Provides 24x7 support service

The Cons

 > Beginners may take a while to understand its features

The Bottom Line

Wise Program Uninstaller is an effective application for Windows that helps you uninstall programs from your PC and remove leftover files. The utility quickly finishes its task while consuming a low-to-moderate amount of CPU and system memory. It comes with multiple language support and is compatible with nearly all Windows versions.

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Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
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