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Web Optimizer Pro
Updated: Last week
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Web Optimizer Pro Description

Web Optimizer Pro is powered by intelligent filters to help you get rid of unwanted toolbars and add-ons that reduce the response time of your browsers along with reducing the amount of space available for your websites to be displayed. It secure deletes your browser history, stored passwords and form fields to make sure you steer clear of all type of potential security threats.

The tool comes handy when you cleaning and tweaking is what you actually need. Developed by Xportsoft Technologies, the software is popular for its intricate features that make optimization of your system easier than ever. Download Web Optimizer Pro Free and regain the lost speed and performance of your system.

The cleaning program packs inside the main executable file – weboptimizerpro.exe. Once you click, the software installer will show up. It has four files and takes up t0 24.12 MB of space. As compared to the aggregate number of users, most of the PCs run the OS Windows 7 and Windows 8 as well.

Web Optimizer Pro is most popular in the region of the United States. You just need to follow three easy steps – download and install, optimize your browser, and experience a peak internet performance like never before. The three in-built tools help in tuning, managing, and optimizing PC performance. In addition, the PC cleaning tool also boosts Windows startup/shutdown time.

Key Features of Web Optimizer Pro

 > Options to remove unwanted toolbars, browser plugins, and add-ons

 > Beautify browser performance

 > Clean sweep Internet clutter

 > Surf the Web with supreme privacy

 > Configure and manage default search engine and home page settings

 > Deletes saved passwords, credit card details, and other such personal web form data

 > Safely delete web browser history, cookies, cache, etc

The pros

 > Free cleaning software

 > Reliable

 > Optimizes your system

 > Improves response time of your browser

 > No pop-ups or ads

The cons

 > Copy is not free to use

The bottom line

The browser cleaning utility serves you with a wide set of features to improve how you use your the web. Install Web Optimizer Pro and experience fast loading speed of websites, quick response time of your browser, and much more.

It not only lets you manage third-party add-ons, but also offers options to optimize default searches, clean your private data, and optimize default page as well. It is safe, secure, and available for free. On and on, Web Optimizer Pro is the best tool available in the market to clean, manage, and repair your Windows registry files.

0.75 MB
Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
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" Josh " Monday, 8 June 2015 8:57:32 AM

Increase my browsers overall performance....great application