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Visual Studio Ultimate
Updated: Last week
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Visual Studio Ultimate Description

Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate is designed for creating professional applications.   It is one of the best developer tools that provide you everything you can request for from an IDE (Integrated Development Environment). Especially created for advanced programmers, its CodeLens provides the quick information about the codes you are working on. You can get all related answers at one place without knobbing your context.

Gripping all required necessities like performance, availability, complexity and scale you can download Visual Studio Ultimate for free that provides you all the advanced tools and resources you need to make high-quality applications.

You are free to design, develop and test your applications on a range of platforms such as Windows Azure as this developer tool comes with MSDN benefits and gives you an access to many other Microsoft products along with additional services.

Key features of Visual Studio Ultimate

  > Provides quick information you need and adjusts the way you work, in context

  > Get rid of no-repro bugs with the help of IntelliTrace historical debugger

  > Offers advanced testing tools to ensure your production performance

  > UML diagrams help you to visualize the structure of your program

  > Offers advanced modeling and architectural tools that illustrates proposed dependencies among your application workings

  > You can understand the relationships in presented codes with architecture explorer


  > One of its best features is ‘Visual Studio Online’ which helps you to add unlimited users to it and provides you an online access to project facilities such as web test case management, cloud load testing, team rooms, and agile portfolio management.

  > Beginning from design to consumption, it absolutely helps you to code, compile, test, or debug the application you build


  > If you are not using Internet Explorer for using Visual Studio, some of its features are not working as expected from this developer tool since it works fine with only Internet Explorer 10 or higher.

  > Not a cup of tea for novices although advanced users will surely find it a powerful tool for development process.

Bottom Line

You can free download Visual Studio Ultimate developer tool to get benefitted with a complete set of professional tools. With this application you can try out Sharepoint, Silverlight, ASP.NET, CSS, XML, Javascript, Visual C++ and many more. Wrapped with a wide range of testing and developing features, it is a complete package for developing and innovating professional applications.

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Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
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