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VerbAce-Pro Description

VerbAce-pro is a user-friendly dictionary and translation software that helps you translate Arabic words to English and English to Arabic. The software provides you complete assistance to learn a new language with ease. You can translate any line or the whole document with this educational application and learn one new language easily. You can also set the program to get notifications about current updates.

Download VerbAce-Pro for free to expand your knowledge of Arabic language. The application’s interface is so easy to operate that even a novice can use it without any trouble. The application assists you in two different ways. Either you can enter the word you want to translate in the program's text box or travel your mouse to the word and click it. You can also use the pronunciation mode to know about the correct pronunciation of a word or to know how the words can be spoken aloud. Moreover, you can set the font or style of the application as per your selection.

Key features of VerbAce-Pro

> Simple to use and sleek interface

> Offers accurate translations quickly and easily 

> Helps you translate all your content with a single mouse click

> Efficiently translates data from English- Arabic and vice versa

> Includes a useful pronunciation guide for users

> Provides quick access to Wikipedia

The Pros

> You can get the translated version of any word just by hover your mouse to the desired one.

> The application includes a built-in Arabic keyboard that helps you enter Arabic words into the program manually.

> The software is quick, comprehensive and convenient to translate any word.

> With the help of its dictionary, you can get the detailed definition or meaning of various words.

> Among many other Arabic-English translator programs, VerbAce is one of the best and amazingly helpful.

> It includes Arabic Synonyms that helps you improve your vocabulary of Arabic language.

The cons

> When the program is active, it uses a moderate amount of your system resources.

Bottom Line

VerbAce is a must download application for anyone who is interested to learn Arabic language as it translates any English word to Arabic without any difficulty. You can download VerbAce-Pro Educational Software for free to enhance your knowledge of Arabic language as it translates from English-Arabic and from Arabic-English instantly and accurately.

8.21 MB
Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
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