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Tresorit Description

Tresorit is an online storage service provided by the eponymous company. The data is held under Swiss privacy laws that provide more security than the US or European privacy laws. Servers holding the data are located in Europe, the service provides end-to-end protection which restrains any hacker, admin or government to access your stored data. The business edition of the service provides 1 TB of storage space for each user. When a change is made to a file stored on the cloud, the older version of the file is encrypted and is automatically kept as an older version backup. It can be accessed through mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, iPads, and others. 2-step verification is used when accessing the data through some suspicious login attempt. Remote mobile wipe lets you remove any Tresorit protected file(s) in case you lose your device. Drag and drop option is provided by the service for easy operation and navigation. The activity of the various collaborators can be seen and the document can be rolled back to any previously-saved version. Service can be used on any system running Windows.

Salient Features of Tresorit

  > Data is held under Swiss privacy laws, which provides stronger protection

  > Uses ICE protocol for verifying the identity of shared users

  > Different plans for business, personal and enterprise needs

  > Advanced granular access permissions


  > Zero-knowledge privacy technology

  > Re-encrypt data at the root level as well as for each file

  > Supports a single file of size up to 10 GB

  > End-to-end encryption

  > Secured with 2-step verification

  > Remote device wipe

  > Unlimited sharing

  > Version history of stored files is available

  > Customer support via phone and email


  > The free plan, Tresorit Basic, provides only 3 GB storage space

  > Payment can only be made in Dollars, Euros or British Pounds

The Bottom Line

Tresorit is a premium online storage solution for customers looking for a highly secured service. Different plans are available for a different requirement set. You can test the service with a free Tresorit Basic account with 3 GB of storage space. Unfortunately, the payment can only be made with Dollars, Euros or British Pounds.

Download Tresorit today and see the security standards provided by it for yourself.

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Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
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