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TeraCopy Description

TeraCopy is a free file transfer utility developed by Code Sector. The FTP tool lets you copy and move files at higher transfer speeds. The tool perfectly replaces Windows Explorer for copying and moving files from one physical storage location to another. You can also transfer files by TeraCopy using the drag & drop option.

To boost the file transfer speeds, TeraCopy makes use of a unique buffer adjustment algorithm that lets it to considerably reduce the “seek time” and hence, increase the transfer speed. Not only the software allows speed boosts for small files but also for large files spanning GBs of physical storage space. The program launches a window from where you can easily choose the folder/file(s) and action (copy, move and test).

The file transfer tool also provides support for Windows Shell integration and lets you copy and move files using right-click only. Right-clicking on a file/folder will enlist “copy with TeraCopy” and “move with TeraCopy” options. TeraCopy requires less than 3 MB of storage space and consumes only 16 MB of memory.

Full Unicode support is provided by the FTP program. You can make unlimited use of the software for personal as well as non-commercial use. However, you’re required to purchase a license for commercially using the file transfer program. TeraCopy is compatible with Windows XP and later versions.

Salient features of TeraCopy

 > Pause and resume file transfers – TeraCopy allows you to stop any file transfer operation anytime. You can later resume the file operation to complete the transfer.

 > Error recovery options – Unlike Windows Explorer that quits the entire copying/moving process in case it encounters a transfer error, TeraCopy repeatedly tries a number of attempts to resolve the issue before finally skipping the error-generating file and continuing transferring other files.

 > Failed file transfer fixes – TeraCopy enlists all failed file transfer operations carried out in the past and tries to fix the transfer problems.

 > Test Transfer – The application lets you test transfer a file before actually carrying out the operation.


 > Requires only 3 MB of space and feeds on practically 0 resources

 > Carry out file transfer much faster than Windows Explorer

 > Shows a complete and elaborative description of all file transfers made using the software

 > Supports x64 and x86 architectures

 > Automatic and seamless Windows Shell integration lets you enjoy high-speed transfer functions

 > Completely ad-free

 > Unlimited non-commercial use


 > Requires a license for commercial use

 > UI seems bit aged

The Bottom Line

TeraCopy is a small file transfer utility that saves you a lot of time while dealing with numerous file transfers.

Download TeraCopy now and transfer all your files at much higher speeds from one physical storage location to another on the same physical storage.

4.80 MB
Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
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