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Talking Dictionary Description

Talking Dictionary is an educational software designed specifically for non sighted or visually impaired persons. It promises to help you find new words along with their meanings and definitions. As the name signifies, the dictionary app lets you search various words and provides a spoken voice output for the typed words using the Microsoft Text-to-speech engine.

There are many keyboard shortcuts (F keys) that helps you access various features that comes packed with this free talking dictionary. For instance, you can press F1 key to read the words, F2 to read the summary and F3 to read the definitions. While the instructions are available on the main screen, you can even make them read aloud by clicking the “Keys” button on the interface.

As far as the customization is concerned, the home & education tool gives you a plenty of options to modify it as per your needs. You can enable the dictionary speech and the tab navigable controls, as well as the verbose mode. Plus, the application’s frame can be set to always remain on top of other applications.

The program is very convenient and easy to handle. You just need to type the word you are looking for, then press the “Enter” key and the talking English dictionary will search the word in its database. After finding the word, it will automatically read aloud its first definition.

Another outstanding feature that’s worth mentioning is the Spell Checker, which can be used within any text editing program. To use this feature, just highlight the word and press Ctrl + F11, and you will get a list of definitions, synonyms and the spell check alternatives for incorrect words. Download Talking Dictionary if you want to improve your spoken English.

Key features of Talking Dictionary

 > Up to 250,000 source words and a powerful thesaurus tool

 > Provides voice output for source words, synonyms, definitions, spell check alternatives, etc.

 > Crossword mode provides suggestions for partially known words

 > Adjustable text and screen sizes for partially sighted users

 > Screen reader mode for use with any screen reader

 > Can read clipboard content and documents

 > Highlights words being read, to help you learn English easily

 > Shortcut keys to trigger various functions

 > Supports Windows 7, Vista, 8 and XP

The Pros

 > Convenient and easy-to-use

 > Ability to adjust voice speed

 > Comprehensive help provided

 > Round-the-clock support

The Cons

 > You are not allowed to make use of all features in the trial version

The Bottom Line

With numerous great features such as the ability to be used with other programs and an advanced crossword function, Talking Dictionary for PC is a perfect choice for people with visual impairment. Moreover, first time users will not have any problem using it, thanks to its overall simplicity.

6.1 MB
Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
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