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SysMate - Hosts File Walker
Updated: Last week
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SysMate - Hosts File Walker Description

SysMate - Hosts File Walker is a useful networking tool developed to help you manage Windows hosts file. It allows you to modify, delete, as well as backup and restore system hosts with a few mouse clicks.

SysMate is a convenient application that facilitates a user-friendly working environment to let you manage the Host files, which are responsible for IP address mapping. This IP tool and scanner boasts a few powerful features that can be easily used by anyone.

There is no need to install the system tool, but you need to have .NET framework on your computer to run it. So, you can save the app files anywhere on your hard disk and click the executable file to launch the application. However, administrative privileges are required.

Alternatively, you can move the files to a removable disk to run the program on any PC directly. The best part is that it does not modify Windows registry settings or create extra files on the disk without your consent. So, no traces are left behind after you remove the software.

Moreover, the GUI is represented by a plain and simple window that contains an example on how the Hosts file looks like. The file management utility lets you add as many new hosts to the file as you like by specifying the IP address and site. Download SysMate - Hosts File Walker to edit the Hosts file in just a few steps.

Key features of SysMate - Hosts File Walker

 > Option Panel

 The option panel holds the options to delete, restore, and backup a Hosts file.

 > Auto flush DNS

 It lets you decide whether or not you want to automatically clear the DNS Cache Resolver after a new entry has been added to the Hosts file

 > Manual Editing

 Gives you the ability to edit the Hosts file manually using Microsoft Notepad

 > Back up Hosts file

 The Backup/Restore button lets you backup the host file, just select the file and choose a location to save it

 > Restore Hosts file

The IP tool also provides an option to restore a previous Hosts file. Browse the files and hit Restore Button

The Pros

 > Automatically resolves IP address issues

 > Detects duplicate entries

 > Automatic update

The Cons

 > Hosts file editing is really useful but sometimes it can be hijacked or misused

The Bottom Line

SysMate File Walker has been designed to cater the hosts’ file structure, entry insertion and DNS to IP conversion. So you don’t have to remember the IP of either the DNS you are moving away from or the one you are porting to. It automatically detects the conflict within the hosts file, resolves the IP and prompts you to make the changes.  

The lightweight utility is very useful. It makes editing of Hosts file convenient and easier than ever.

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Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
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