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SpiderOak Description

SpiderOak is a multi-platform online backup service that helps you create a backup of your personal data. The program synchronizes your documents and lets you share them with other users via a cloud-based technology.

Once your personal account has been created, the file transfer application allows you to select the files and folders which you want to share with your family, friends and colleagues. On top of that, the online storage tool uploads the content to around 2GB web space that you’re provided for free with your account.

Apart from being a storage and backup service, you can even use the utility as a way to share data online. After uploading files to your SpiderOak account, you can share it (all of it or just selected ones) on a personal page hosted in the SpiderOak servers. In this way, your buddies can easily access your photos, videos, or any other document which you want to share in real-time.

SpiderOak for Windows has a zero-knowledge privacy feature which means any content that you’ve saved on servers remains 100% private and only visible to you. Not only this, but the program enables you to create password-protected ShareRooms and send various files to your friends.

What’s more included in the latest version of SpiderOak is that the data backups can be run from a local hard drive, network drive, external drives, USB keys, CD/DVDs, and other storage media. All your content that is stored is encrypted and the transfer is encrypted using a secure SSL connection.

Download SpiderOak to start sharing your files online without any hassle.

Key features of SpiderOak

 > Provides secure online backup

 > Synchronizes your photos, videos and other content

 > Historical versioning of each document

 > Automated backup and storage feature

 > Offers 2GB of lifetime free storage and additional storage for either a monthly or yearly fee

 > True privacy via “zero-knowledge” encryption

 > Can create a number of ShareRooms with family, friends, colleagues and others

 > Massive data de-duplicate location: extremely space efficient versioning and storage

 > Remote access from any Internet-connected system

 > Can add many computers to your SpiderOak Network

 > Optional command line interface: batch mode, scheduled/scripted operation

 > Customizable options for backups

 > Optimal processing speed

The Pros

 > Easy to configure and use

 > Free online backup, storage and sharing solution

 > Provides the ability to use cloud-based technology

 > Configurable synchronization

 > Drag-and-drop support

The Cons

 > Shared spaces takes a while to be available

The Bottom Line

SpiderOak is a simple yet powerful online file syncing, sharing backup and archiving utility that offers a variety of features which are useful for power users. You can easily store, synchronize and access your personal data from remote locations as long there is an Internet connection.

SpiderOak is the perfect solution as it provides you with the necessary space and tools in order to store and share any media file online in a simple, safe way. You must give it try once!

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Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
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