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SMPlayer Description

SM Player is a cross-platform media player for Windows that can play all audio and video formats. The program comes with various built-in codecs that lets you search and play YouTube videos.

The software uses the most popular MPlayer as playback engine. You can also create playlists with your own media files. What’s more interesting in this multimedia application is that it resumes your media files exactly from the same point you left it, along with same settings for equalizer, volume, subtitles, etc.

You can change contrast, brightness, hue and saturation of your videos using its video equalizer option. The audio/video player allows you to change size, font and even color of subtitles if needed. Download SM Player to easily play your favorite videos and audios of any format.

The free multiformat video player for PC enables you to go forward and backward in your videos by using mouse wheel. It includes all standard features of an ideal multimedia player such as thumbnail generator, playing VCDs, DVDs and audio CDs etc.

The utility provides same user end experience for Linux and Windows. The latest version of SM Player comes with a record option that lets you record your videos quickly.

Key Features of SM Player

 > Features multiple speed playback options that let you play at 2X, 4X or even in slow motion

 > Includes numerous audio and video filters such as postprocessing, denoise, deinterlace and karaoke filter

 > Supported input file formats: AVI, NUT, MP4, MOV, WMV, FLI, VIVO, OGM, PVA, RoQ, NSV, OGG, WMA, ASF, etc.

 > Enables you to select any audio/video codec or demuxer

 > Supports an array of video codecs such as MPEG-1/2/4, H.264, WMV1/2, DV video, Sorenson v1/v3, RPZA, Cinepak and other QuickTime codecs

 > Supported audio codecs: AC3/A52, DTS, E-AC3, WMAv3, ACELP.net, Voxware audio, SIPRO, ATRAC3, COOK, Q-Design QDMC/QDM2, ALAC, DNET, and many others

 > Allows you to search and play YouTube videos

 > Helps you create your own playlists with your favorite media files

 > Can search automatically for subtitles on the Internet

 > Comes with a preferences dialog that lets you configure every option of SM Player

The Pros

 > Mouse-wheel support

 > Configurable subtitles

 > Available in more than 30 languages, including Chinese, Italian, French, German, Russian and Japanese

 > Customizable interface

 > Audio track switching

 > Resumes videos and audios from the last point

The Cons

 > Some codec-protected media doesn’t play properly

The Bottom Line

Available as an open-source application, the audio/video player can play almost all audio and video file formats. It expels the need to run any other external codec for playing multimedia files.  On top of that, the utility contains an array of filters that you can use to remove noise, blur and sharpen your movies.

Bonus in this program is its integration with the YouTube Browser that provides you a quick access to the most viewed, popular and top rated videos on YouTube. Install SM Player now and enjoy playing any media format without the hassle to run several codec packs at a time.

31.1 MB
Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
No other version available
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