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ShowMyPC Description

ShowMyPC is an intuitive and easygoing networking tool designed to connect and remotely access any home or office PC. So far, it’s one of the easiest applications in the segment and, hence, is the first choice for novices as well as seasoned professionals. ShowMyPC is used extensively across the globe by IT companies offering remote technical assistance services.

ShowMyPC remote support access software lets you control another computer via Internet. The application relies on SSH port forwarding so there is no need to enter more information about the other system apart from the randomly generated password.

The free remote access tool is ideal when you want to access and manage multiple unattended systems for support.

On top of that, you can configure private and proxy servers in order to enhance security. All in all, ShowMyPC is an easy-to-use application that certainly makes sharing quicker and easier.

How ShowMyPC works

 > Users who want to remotely access other PCs have to download and install the application on their PC

 > Users who want to share their PCs with others need to click “Show MY PC Now” while users who want to view need to click “View Remote PC”

 > After following the process, the application will generate a password that users need to share in order to access others PC

While the application offers only a few options, yet once connected with other PCs, you can send various commands with dedicated tools.

Key features of ShowMyPC

 > Desktop sharing, screen sharing and helpdesk system

 > Simple interface with easy navigations

 > Premium version is available for commercial use

 > Optimal support services

 > Manage multiple unattended PCs

The Pros

 > Free and open-source PC collaboration tool

 > You can view and access another PC

 > Perfect remote access utility when multiple users need to check the same thing

 > Lets you capture screenshots

 > You can host or join scheduled meetings

 > Built-in Chat WhiteBoard feature for in-sharing conversations

 > Compatible with all versions of Windows

 > Customize the utility the way you want

The Cons

 > Hosts very basic user interface

 > Users can only send a limited number of keyboard shortcuts to the host PC

The Bottom Line

Collaborate online in style with ShowMyPC, a free networking tool that works well with PCs running Windows, MAC OS or Linux. Download ShowMyPC best free remote desktop software to manage various computers via the Internet.

Though this free remote desktop utility doesn’t feature a very impressive user interface, its functionality and straightforward desktop sharing features makes it worth a try.

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Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
No other version available
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" RajDimpi " Thursday, 19 January 2017 6:52:45 AM

Great software for remote access!

" Aarohi Sharma " Thursday, 19 January 2017 10:01:14 PM

It’s free and reliable. I use ShowMyPC often to work on home and office networks simultaneously.