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PhraseExpress Description

PhraseExpress is a simple yet efficient application that helps you type faster, and with significant lesser efforts, by eliminating repetitive typing operations. The office tool offers various contemporary functionalities like hotkeys, macros, auto fill capabilities, abbreviations and much more.

The office application lets you assign customizable keyboard shortcuts to frequently used snippets, so that you don’t have to type them again and again. This way the utility saves a lot of keystrokes and ultimately boosts your typing speed.

These snippets are stored in a neatly organized interface and you can use them anytime on any Windows application.

You can also organize the desired phrases in different categories, add new phrases by inserting text, add a hotkey or fill in a short description. Moreover, PhraseExpress for Windows comes packed with auto-correct entries for transforming user-defined abbreviations into the longer version of the phrases e.g. btw means by the way, Thnx becomes thanks, so on. So, you can create a text abbreviation for your phrases and insert the specific longer text every time you type it.

The speed optimization software also features an extended configuration menu where you can adapt it to the smallest detail and customize it as per your needs and requirements.

Apart from this, there is yet another feature that manages to steal your glimpse for a while, the macro option. It lets you do a plenty of tasks like automate different operations, open websites, insert date and time stamps, create automatic email messages and much more.

The office and news utility provides you a tray icon for easy accessibility. It is compatible with any application such as, with custom database applications, chat sessions, or for filling web forms. Windows users can click here to Download Free PhraseExpress and avoid typing similar text repetitively and magically increase their typing speed.

Key features of PhraseExpress

 > Lets you quickly handle email responses

 > You can use same hotkey or text shortcut for multiple phrases

 > Expands text abbreviations into full text snippets as you type

 > Save extra keystrokes

 > Detects often used typos to automatically add spelling corrections to a database

 > Multiple ways to paste phrase (using the menu in task tray icon, using keyboard shortcuts or via Autotext)

The Pros

 > Uses keyboard combinations to insert text snippets

 > Lets you manage your email signature templates for use in any mail application

 > You can launch the program simply by entering a text shortcut

 > Offers multilingual support

 > Expands Clipboard capacities

 > Highly detailed configuration options

The Cons

 > It may take some time before you get completely familiar with the utilities and operating systems software

Bottom Line

PhraseExpress is an ultimate application that effectively saves you time by avoiding unnecessary repetitions. It lets you simply insert the longer text or phrases using keyboard shortcuts. This way you type faster and your typing speed is ultimately increased. The automation software is highly simple to use. It doesn’t put any load on system resources. Apart from this, you can use it for all Windows apps.

Overall, it is a perfect tool, especially if you write similar expressions and sentences all the time and want to boost your typing speed.

10.47 MB
Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
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