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PDFCreator Description

PDFCreator is an easy-to-install program for creating PDF documents from any application that has a printing feature. You can merge various files into a single PDF, and password-protect it to ensure no one can open it without your consent. Not just PDFs, you can also use PDFCreator to create files in a variety of other file formats, including JPG, PNG, TIFF, PCX, EPS, PS and BMP.

Moreover, the office tool allows you to email a PDF, create documents via the command-line user interface, use multiple printers, use multiple profiles and makes changes to the programs behaviour in the settings menu.  Download PDFCreator for Windows to create PDFs from just about any Windows application.

PDFCreator is perfect tool to create PDF files in a snap as it offers a wide range of options ranging from rotating a page to the compression level of text and images. Novices may find the application a bit complicated, but to go pass the hurdle they are recommended to use the default profile and select just one of the preset settings.

On the other side, professional users can create a customized PDF file by playing around with the programs setup menu. Apart from that, the application offers three different levels of encryption to password-protect your documents.

The utility offers two ways to create PDF files

First, open the document you want to convert into PDF with the native program, and then click on Print and Choose PDFCreator as your printer.

Secondly, open PDFCreator and select Document from the toolbar. Now select all files from the drop-down menu along with the path and hit Save.

Salient features of PDFCreator

 > Create PDF documents from any application that can print

 > Encrypt PDFs to protect your documents from being accessed by unauthorized users

 > Email generated PDFs

 > Merge multiple files into a single PDF

 > Windows context menu integration

 > Drag-and-drop support

 > Use multiple printers

The Pros

 > Easy installation

 > Able to run on Terminal servers without any issues

 > You can create more than just PDF files

 > Supports several languages

 > You can password-protect your documents

 > Uses less system resources

The Cons

 > Sometimes takes a bit long to perform a task

 > Needs some improvements so that users (especially beginners) can find the application more intuitive

The Bottom Line

PDFCreater is a reliable utility for creating PDFs from documents like DOCs. The application directly works from programs such as Word. Best of all, the file management application is completely free, even for commercial use. 

25.80 MB
Open Source
Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
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