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LogMeIn Rescue
LogMeIn - 18.80 MB (Shareware)

LogMeIn Rescue is an ultimate remote access and networking tool that lets you easily connect to any server or computer over the Internet in just a few seconds. The best part of using the free Windows remote access application is that it offers you a fresh, dynamic and powerful functionality to access the assistance tool, which ensures that you don’t have to be dependent on any Web browser.

ShowMyPc - 2.04 MB (Freeware)

ShowMyPC is an intuitive and easygoing networking tool designed to connect and remotely access any home or office PC. So far, it’s one of the easiest applications in the segment and, hence, is the first choice for novices as well as seasoned professionals.

Real VNC
Real VNC - 12.12 MB (Freeware)

RealVNC (Virtual Network Computing) is a remote access application for Windows that lets users interact with a particular computer (the Server), using a special application (the viewer), on another computer from just about anywhere across the Web.

Simon Tatham - 0.51 MB (Freeware)

PuTTY is an effective terminal emulator program intended for Win32 and UNIX platforms. It can be used as a Telnet, SSH, and RLogin client to help you create a secure connection between your systems over the network.

Team Viewer
TeamViewer GmbH - 9.20 MB (Freeware)

Team Viewer is a comprehensive and easy-to-use networking solution for Remote Access and support over the Internet. It is a simple yet powerful application to share your desktop and transfer files between two or multiple computers.