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Google Chrome
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Editor's Review for Google Chrome

Google Chrome Description

Aimed to deliver a faster, safer and easier Internet surfing experience, Google Chrome allows you to open web applications without any hassle. Ever since its creation in 2008, the application quickly dominated the browser market to become the most widely used browser worldwide.

Thanks to its JavaScript engine, the web browser loads pages instantly using the WebKit open-source rendering engine. Google Chrome for Windows comes with a search box that provides suggestions as you type. It offers suggestions based on your recent searches and visited websites, so you can get what you want in a jiffy.

The Google browser for PC includes an autofill option. It allows you to complete forms in one go. You can work with multiple tabs simultaneously and pin your favorite ones if you want. Furthermore, the program fully supports drag-and-drop functionality to rearrange tabs in the preferred order. Download Google Chrome to enjoy an incredible and fast web browsing experience.

Another hugely popular feature of this web navigation program is its incognito mode. Once enabled, it lets you browse privately by reducing traceable breadcrumbs, turning off history recording, and erasing tracking cookies on shutdown.

The full version of Google Chrome comes with a sandboxing feature to prevent malware automatically installing on your system. The web browsing application also has a built-in phishing protection that warns you if you encounter a malicious website.

Key Features of Google Chrome

 > Lets you synchronize your bookmarks, history and settings

 > Provides thumbnails of your most visited web pages when you open a new tab

 > Built-in PDF viewer that supports all standard features like resize, save, and print PDFs

 > Includes custom keyboards for your favorite websites

 > Comes with multiple themes that you can use to personalize the web browser’s look

 > Hosts an automatic update system to ensure you run the latest security fixes and features

 > Allows you to clear your browsing data, including passwords, cookies and plug-in info, content licenses, cached files and images, and autofill forms

 > Features a Task Manager that lets you see which sites and plugins are using the most memory, CPU, and downloading the most bytes

 > You can create local desktop shortcuts to open web applications in Google Chrome

 > Built-in Translation Bar with the native support for over 52 languages

The pros

 > Supports extensions and plugins

 > Simpler downloads

 > Superb auto-completion feature

 > Top-notch speed

The cons

 > No reading mode

 > No built-in social sharing

The bottom line

Google Chrome is one of the best web browsers & plugins that combine a minimal design with sophisticated technology to make your Internet surfing experience faster, easier, and safer than ever before. Another big plus in this application is its clean look, allowing you to focus solely on your work without being distracted by superfluous buttons. The application provides support for almost all platforms such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS.

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" Jyoti Bindra " Monday, 13 July 2015 3:07:00 PM

One of the best web browsers, very fast speed and interface is smooth & user friendly !!!!
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" Tarlochan Singh " Tuesday, 14 February 2017 9:10:41 AM

The best web browser all around on any operating system. Just amazingly powerful