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Gladinet Cloud Desktop
Updated: Last week
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Gladinet Cloud Desktop Description

Gladinet Cloud Desktop is a simple yet powerful software that helps you organize your scattered files and folders. The program brings all your data together to your Windows Desktop and your online desktop, enabling you to organize and manage your important documents.

The file transfer application has the ability to connect all your PCs together. You can easily access your confidential documents and folders on several computers from any one of them. In addition, the cloud storage utility lets you use remote access solutions such as VNC or RDP among them.

However, Gladinet Cloud Desktop for Windows supports up to 1000 file transfers per task in its trial version. If you want to continue using this app and avail some other functionalities, you need to pay some amount to purchase its full version.

The free online storage tool allows you to use online office in order to open local spreadsheets. Not only this, but you can also use paint brush to open real-time images. The Windows software delivers Internet apps and active storages to your desktop.

Your family and friends can view your shared contents instantly and privately without any Gladinet software pre-installed. The utility lets you share both local as well as online contents without any difficulty.

The program offers desktop integration for a number of cloud services, including Windows Live SkyDrive, Amazon S3, Google Picasa and Docs, and Azure as well. With Gladinet, these online file storage services appear as one more drive on your PC with all your real-time data organized into numerous files and folders.

Download Gladinet Cloud Desktop to easily organize your important files.

Key features of Gladinet Cloud Desktop

 > Supported storage includes Amazon S3, Box.net, AT&T Synaptic, EMC Atmos online, WebDav, Nirvanix, Google Docs and Picasa, FTP, Mezeo, OpenStack, and Azure

 > Can backup data and email to any online storage program

 > Can use web applications locally

 > File synchronization

 > Secures your cloud storage with military grade encryption

 > Collaboration controls

 > Backup scheduler that helps you backup the cloud/offline storage automatically

 > Task scheduler manages all the scheduled tasks

The Pros

 > Easy-to-use and intuitive UI

 > Provides a simple, secure data sharing solution over the web

 > Can sync data across various systems

 > Remote access to multiple computers

The Cons

 > Only supports a few online services

The Bottom Line

Gladinet Cloud Desktop is an efficient utility that keeps your documents synchronized on many PCs and creates backups based on folder or file type selections. The tool provides an ease of access to the cloud services in the Internet.

With Gladinet Cloud Desktop, you can handle all your important data in active storage solutions in a much easier way.

19.10 MB
Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
No other version available
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