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GeoGebra Description

GeoGebra is a mathematical software for those users who wants to learn and teach geometry, algebra, calculus, and statistics with ease of use. This educational application can be used by millions of users worldwide as it is available in many languages. This open-source application can create vectors, lines, points, conic sections, segments and more. Requiring JAVA Runtime Environment on the computer, this application is really useful and loved by students, teachers and educational institutions. This program combines three different graphic representations on its interface includes, graphical, spreadsheet and algebraic. If there is any change in one representation, there will be a sudden change in the other as well as all of them are linked dynamically with each other.

Along with creating lines, vectors and many more you can directly enter equations and coordinates as well. It also features a navigational bar that allows you to browse figures drawing steps and exports them as images along with printing your graph. For calculating and solving your math's problems you can free download GeoGebra Educational software by clicking the green button above.

Key features of GeoGebra

> Interactive learning tool

> Easy to operate interface together with many powerful features

> Helps to learn, teach and evaluate with flaunt navigations

> Supports many languages

> Covers algebra, calculus, geometry, and arithmetic

> Works on several platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, iPad and Android


> Offers beginners to advanced lessons

> Lets you create interactive web pages

> Includes compass, backup and cones in spreadsheet

> Export to MediaWiki and Google Gadget

> You can save projections for three dimensional view


> Difficult to work with for the beginners, but at the same time it offers some learning and detailed tutorials to help these novices. The motive of these tutorials is not only to guide you about how to use this software but also helps you learn and teach mathematics.

Bottom Line

All in all, you can learn various mathematical operations with this flexible and easy-to-use application. Awarded for providing performance many times, GeoGebra is one of the best applications that widened your knowledge of maths in a fun way. Along with teaching and learning you can also edit with the use of this versatile tool, and its fully customizable interface supports to change display settings accordingly.  You can Free download GeoGebra today and get set to take your mathematics learning experience to the next level, thanks to its makers that makes learning of algebra, calculus, geometry and statistics so much of fun.

50 MB
Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
No other version available
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