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GeoGebra Description

GeoGebra is a free Windows software that consolidates almost all mathematical terms like algebra, geometry, graphing, spreadsheets, and calculus into an easy-to-use package. Given that it is a Java-based application, you must have its runtime environment installed on your system.

Sporting a clean interface, the dynamic geometry system lets you create mathematical objects with the help of dedicated commands or tools. It offers a quick access to distinct drawing tools that you can easily insert in working pane. Download GeoGebra to learn and teach complex mathematical objects and operations with great ease.

With GeoGebra for Windows, you can create geometrical constructions using points, segments, vectors, angles, lines, cones, polygons, etc. You can even add text and images to your drawings if required. The educational software comes with several creation features and allows you to use Pie and Euler constants for calculations.

Besides, you can also work with Boolean variables and perform several matrix operations like transpose, addition and multiplication. The inserted objects can be shown or hidden in the graphical representation as well as can be filled with a color. The math and science software also lets you fix your inserted objects to a specific location so you can’t move, redefine or delete them.

Key features of GeoGebra

 > Features a ‘Force Reflex Angle’ option which forces angles between 180 and 360 degrees

 > Allows you to save values for each object in a spreadsheet with names like points, numbers and vectors

 > Resizes your worksheets if they are saved on larger screens

 > Can compare your text and image objects

 > Comes with an option to export text as editable text or shapes in case of PDF and SVG export

 > Provides support for inline equations and linefeeds in LaTeX equations

 > You can save your created projects to HTML, EPS, PNG and GIF file formats

 > Capable of displaying numbers as significant figures

 > Lets you upload your designed projects on the developer’s website or print them if needed

The pros

 > Platform independent

 > Supports keyboard shortcuts

 > Provides multiple representations of dynamic objects

The cons

 > Quite complex for beginners

The bottom line

Available as an open-source application, GeoGebra is a superb program that widens your math knowledge in a fun way. The educational software supports two main scripting languages: JavaScript and GGBScript, allowing you to create a commands’ sequence to design and modify mathematical objects in real time.

GeoGebra is available in multiple languages and spans numerous mathematical fields. It is used by millions of users worldwide and termed as a graphing calculator for geometry, functions, calculus, statistics, algebra and 3D math. 

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Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
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