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Fences Description

Developed by an efficacious team of developers at Stardock, Fences is one of the most proficient desktop utilities you can use to tidy up your desktop. As opposed to dispersing all your icons all over the desktop, Fences facilitates you to create separate categorized locations to get a neat collection of icons on your work station. You can personalize your desktop by creating logical groups of icons and programs that you frequently use.

Free download Fences to beautify your desktop like never before. As one of the most widely used desktop utilities, the highly customizable fences customizable provides you options more than many to add an organized sense of elegance, comfort and beauty to your desktop. Fences stands for the resizable shaded areas the app provides you to organize your icons.

Salient Features

  > Create multiple shaded areas to organize your icons and help them stand distinguished from each other.

  > Rule definition: Users can outline certain rules as to how the icons on their desktop will be displayed. It helps users to arrange icons of similar types and style together so that searching is no trouble and time-consuming at all.

  > Shaded areas: place the icons in the shaded areas which are customizable.

  > Offers multiple pre-included layout options.

  > Fade out option: double-click the background to get the fade out effect.

  > Flexible background settings.

  > Easy access to commonly used programs and files.

The Pros

  > Skinable page statistic: Desktop pages can be enhanced with the assistance of skinable page indicator

  > Enhancive support for Windows 8.1

  > Permanent Fences option available across desktop pages

  > Flexibility in detecting existing networks

  > User-friendly software, inherently designed to serve experts and novices alike

  > Different interfaces make it must-have software

  > Help files available for further guidance to polish your usage

  > Similar files are aligned and categorized together

The Cons

  > Technical support is not easily accessible, as reported by some users. Bugs, therefore, may not be promptly addressed.

  > Clubbing the icons together may sometimes lead to difficulty in locating a particular icon.

  > Responsiveness of the software has been an issue for many users.

The Bottom Line

Fences free download can help you revamp the look of your desktop with attractive features such as the shading or the fade out effect, and many more. So move on over those regular and mundane folders on your desktop and switch to Fences today to pep up the way your desktop looks, feels and behaves.

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Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
No other version available
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