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Fake Voice - Free Voice Changer
Updated: Last week
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Fake Voice - Free Voice Changer Description

Fake Voice is an easy-to-use application designed to make changes to your voice using a wide range of highly customizable effects.

The interface of the multimedia tool is quite basic and requires only a few adjustments in the settings prior to start changing your voice. Falling under editors and converters category, the application helps you modify your voice to something new just by moving sliders up or down.

The application allows you to apply three different types of effects to your voice. First, you can adjust pitch, noise threshold, base pitch, format, etc. Second, the main window of this voice changer allows you to enable a robot effect in order to make your voice a bit like a robot. Third, the application comes with echo effect, allowing you to configure the strength and the duration of the echo.

Fake Voice comes with a Playback option that allows you to hear your changed voice when making adjustments. Download Fake Voice and get set to trick your friends with a new voice.

Apart from using the Free Fake Voice with audio recorders, you can use it to create a fake voice on various IM services like Windows Live Messenger, Skype, and more.

Key features of Fake Voice

 > Transforms your voice to something new

 > Offers a help manual for rookies to get started

 > Extremely light on system resources

 > Easy to use

 > Simple and intuitive user interface

 > You can apply various effects to your voice

The pros

 > Great tool for fun

 > Multi-platform voice changer

 > Supports various voices, including young, old, shrill, robot, teen and hard

 > Lets you apply robotic sound effects and speak like aliens

 > Lets you apply echo effects to your voice and sound like your are speaking from a well

 > Can be configured with various instant messaging applications

The cons

 > Reverts to the original voice just after one minute

 > Installs a lot of unnecessary stuff along with it

 > Asks for an email address to register

 > When making changes to voice, background noise can be heard

The bottom line

Fake Voice, in a nutshell, is a multimedia utility that allows you to change your voice from female to male and vice versa. You can even change your voice to old, young, teen, robot, etc. The best thing about this voice changer is that it comes with a comprehensive help file so that beginners can know how to start.

So, whether you want to have fun with your friends or interested in improving your voice quality for audio recording, Fake Voice for Windows is your best bet as it gives you full control over your voice.

4.5 MB
Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
No other version available
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