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DNSQuerySniffer Description

DNSQuerySniffer is a lightweight network utility which detects and displays DNS queries sent from your system. The program provides an extensive information about each DNS query such as host name, port number, number of records, response time & duration, query ID, response code, request type and content of the returned DNS records.

The networking tool lets you export the details of queries to HTML, CSV or tab-delimited XML file. You can also copy these queries to the clipboard and then paste them into any spreadsheet application like Excel.

The network sniffer monitors all DNS queries sent by your computer to outside resources. In other words, users are able to view IP addresses of the connected servers or websites to your system. Download DNSQuerySniffer to keep a track of all outgoing information from your system.

The utility uses three options for data capturing: Raw Sockets, Microsoft Network Monitor and WinPcap Packet Capture Driver. However, to use capture driver, you may need to install it separately. The software allows you to select capture method and desired network adapter. Then, it automatically starts capturing packets along with your selected capture method and network adapter.

You can pause or resume the data capturing process anytime. The network monitoring service can be used to examine for DNS propagation, which basically occurs whenever a website transfers between two servers. It also can be used to keep an eye on your visited websites.

Key Features of DNSQuerySniffer

 > Displays DNS queries sent from your computer to outside resources

 > Detailed information about every DNS packet – host Name, request type, port number, request time, number of records, etc.

 > Allows you to select time display mode

 > Lets you copy and export queries in XML, CSV and HTML format

 > Provides time difference in milliseconds between response time and request time

 > Allows you to pause and resume data capturing at any time

 > Features hotkeys for most frequented functions

 > Permits you to search for particular entries

 > Displays city/country information for every detected IP address

The Pros

 > Very simple user interface

 > Supports both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows versions

 > Uses a very low RAM and CPU resources

The Cons

 > Raw Sockets method of data capturing may not work properly

The Bottom Line

The network scanner for Windows is a portable application that is used to record domain name server queries made from your system. Each query has a corresponding bullet icon which automatically changes its color to yellow or green depending upon the response code.

Install Nirsoft’s DNSQuerySniffer for free to create a security wall around your network. The application’s simple interface makes it suitable for both network administrators as well as regular Internet users.

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