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Degoo Description

Degoo is one of the most useful online storage programs for Windows that helps you protect files on your system by performing backup copies and saving them to a cloud storage.

This online backup software offers up to 100GB of free space along with up to 2000GB premium storage space for the paid users. Offering a simple yet intuitive user interface along with non-complicated functions, the main aim of the service is storing data in a well-secured backup. Its features are confined to storage only, which it does quite well. The only thing is that you don’t get many options related to sharing or social media as available in the various other online storage alternatives.

Coming to backup, your complete data is encrypted with CBC and PKCS5 padding. It makes use of 128-bit AES encryption algorithm for this motive. The data stored in this ultimate cloud storage utility is fully encrypted via military-standard encryption processes that make sure your data is safe and secured from falling into wrong hands. It can encrypt all your files using military-grade encryption before uploading them to the cloud. Thanks to highly developed encryption algorithms, your backed up data is securely stored in the cloud and always protected.

There are 3 tabs available at the top of the interface, namely Backup, Restore, and Preferences. The Backup tab allows you to choose what to back up, remove from backup, as well as view backup progress. Using Restore tab, you can start a new restore process and restore any file that you lost. On the other hand, the Preferences tab shows how much space in your account is being used and which computers are linked to the account. In addition to this, there are options to unlink the computer and a Clean Up button that empties the deleted files and folders.

Degoo’s secure cloud storage makes sure you can always download your backed up files whenever you need them. It is quite easy to use. Degoo for Windows allows you to add, edit, or remove files in your backed up folders. Apart from this, you can back up multiple folders and access entire data anytime, anyplace on your call.

Download Degoo now and quickly back up files on your system with ease.

Furthermore, this online storage and data backup software also allows you to store files online. All files you have backed up on the cloud with this utility can be restored to any of your machines running Degoo. As the application stores your data in an online environment, therefore you need to be connected to the Internet if you want to make use of its capabilities as proposed.

Once you have installed the application on your machine, you need to log into your Degoo account. After you log into the account, the software asks you to choose what to back up. You’re allowed to choose what you want to back up such as photos, videos, documents, and other files, and therefore the program takes care of the rest. Besides, you can turn off your PC in the middle of the process as Degoo resumes your backup once you switched on your PC again.

In order to perform a backup copy, you need to specify a folder on your PC from the main window and wait for the files to be uploaded to the cloud storage media. What’s more, the free cloud storage program has the ability to detect any changes and back up your files automatically. Once your data is securely backed up, you can use it for data restore purposes.

The full version of Degoo stores multiple copies of the files stored at different Degoo data centers so that you can easily access your data whenever you want. Its proprietary compression format is lightweight and does not eat up your server space. In this way, your bandwidth usage is also minimized.

This file storage utility for PC automatically detects all the local changes you make to the files. It then updates the files stored on the servers. In case you wish to go with the free service, you will only get one device backup. Premium subscribers can back up data from multiple devices.

It is always an advantage to have a backup of all your files and folders so that even if you meet some unfavorable conditions, you won’t regret. Degoo is a streamlined and user-friendly storage client that enables you to store your important data to a cloud server so that your data is always backed up and retrievable from anywhere at any time.

Key features of Degoo

 > It stores multiple copies of each file

 > Helps you securely backup your data

 > Detects changes in files and updates automatically

 > Enables you to choose the folders you want to back up

 > Multiple folders can be selected for backing up

 > Offers enhanced data compression

 > Allows you to store data online

 > Lets you see how much space your backups take up

 > Uses less network bandwidth

 > Fast upload and download speeds

 > Secure: All files are encrypted using military grade encryption

 > Signs encrypted data blocks using Keyczar, a cryptographic library

 > Applies PBKDF2 to all passwords before storing and further apply HMAC512, with ‘pepper’ key for strengthening password

 > Time efficient as file compresses while uploading

 > Compatible with almost all versions of Windows, including Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10

Some additional features include

 > Uses AES encryption

 > Server communication is encrypted using TLS 1.2 to ensure maximum security

The Pros

 > Easy to install and simple to use

 > Comes with an interactive and user-friendly interface

 > Offers 100GB of free backup space

 > Provides basic configuration menu

 > You can choose what you want to back up like your photos, documents, or files

 > Helps you recover the files you backed up

 > Quickly performs backup copies for files on your system and restores them

 > Backed up data can be accessed from other devices

 > Keeps your important files safely backed up to the web

 > You can get up to 500GB free space just by referring friends

 > You can recover your data at anytime from anywhere

 > You can restore your data from your cloud storage to any system

The Cons

 > Free backup for only one device

 > No file sharing is available

 > Unavailable for Windows 10

The Bottom Line

Degoo is the most valuable file transfer program for Windows that helps you perform backup copies of your files and restore them by using cloud storage technology. After you install the application on your system and sign into your account, you can ask Degoo what you want it to back up. Also, you’re able to view a list of linked computers and unlink them if you want.

Moreover, the recovery tool for PC also detects when you take a new photo or add some files and make sure that your backup is always up to date. You can easily operate it without requiring any additional help, whether or not you have earlier experience with similar software.

It is secure and reliable online backup software for Windows that lets you store your files safely by making backup copies and then uploading them to the cloud. If you want features of a professional backup solution, Degoo is your best bet. Come on now and install the application today to claim your 100GB of free storage space.

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