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Degoo Description

Degoo is one of the best online storage services available in the market. The application offers up to 100GB of free space along with up to 2000GB premium storage space for the paid users. Main aim of the service is storing data in a well-secured backup. Its features are confined to storage only, which it does quite well.

Only thing is, you don’t get much options related to sharing or social media as available in the other online storage alternatives. Coming to backup, your entire data is encrypted with CBC and PKCS5 padding. It makes use of 128-bit AES encryption algorithm for this purpose.

Moreover, you can backup multiple folders and then access entire data anytime, anyplace on your call.

Degoo file storage software stores multiple copies of the files stored at different Degoo data centres so that you can quickly access your data whenever you want. Its proprietary compression format is lightweight and doesn’t eat up your server space. This way, your bandwidth usage is also minimized.

Degoo automatically detects all local changes you make to the files. It then updates the files stored on the servers. If you wish to go with the free service, you will only get one device backup. Premium subscribers can backup data from multiple devices. Good thing is that the service is available for Windows XP and later versions.

It is always an advantage to have a backup of your all files and folders so that even if you meet unfavourable circumstances, you won’t regret. Download Degoo for Windows to achieve this and quickly backup several files on your system. It’s easy, lightweight, and it definitely lets you store your files safely by making backup copies and then uploading them on cloud.

Salient Features of Degoo

 > Secure backup

 > Stores multiple copies of each file

 > Detects changes in files and updates automatically

 > Enhanced data compression

 > Uses less network bandwidth


 > Multiple folders can be selected for backing up

 > Backed up data can be accessed from other devices

 > Signs encrypted data-blocks using Keyczar, a cryptographic library

 > Server communication is encrypted using TLS 1.2 to ensure maximum security

 > Applies PBKDF2 to all passwords before storing and further apply HMAC512, with “pepper” key for strengthening password

 > Get up to 500GB free space just by referring friends

 > Backed up data is saved for 4 days for free, and for 60 days in paid accounts

 > Upload and download speed is zippy

 > Time efficient as file compresses while uploading


 > Free backup for only one device

 > Unavailable for Windows 10

 > No file sharing is available

The Bottom Line

If you want features of a professional backup solution, Degoo is your best bet. The data stored in this ultimate online storage utility is fully encrypted via military standard encryption processes that make sure your data is safe and secured from falling into wrong hands.

Mind the inability to share data or run on Windows 10. Other than this, Degoo is a complete package for file transfer purpose. So install the application today and claim your 100 GB of free storage space. 

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" Elina " Friday, 3 February 2017 11:50:38 PM

Automatically update feature of the software is seriously useful