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CorelDraw Description

Best Graphic Design Software

CorelDraw is one of the most popular and best graphic design software that’s been in existence for more than 28 years till now. The graphic design software is amazingly superb when it comes to creating two-dimensional images like invitations, logos, posters, and everything from basic designs to complex graphics.

The latest 2018 version of the best graphic design software bundles a number of advanced features that were missing in the previous versions. There are brand new Impact tool, Block Shadow tool, and much more. Besides, you can directly publish to WordPress, which is an amazing surprise to bloggers. The best graphic design software, Corel draw software free download is enough to get all your designing tasks done in minutes.

Download CorelDraw Graphics Suite 2018 now and design photos, vectors, logos, clipart, and much more with confidence using the best graphic design software. The image editing tool offers an array of advanced features to help you enhance the workflow and boast of your designing abilities.

Major Features of CorelDraw Graphics Suite 2018

  • Block Shadow Effect

In order to provide a text or image with a quick 3D extruded shadow, you have the Block Shadow effect which you can use instantly by drag and drop method. You can manage the effect changing values into the property bar.

  • Color Picker Pop-up

The best graphic design software has come up with solutions to quickly modify the shadow hue created by Block Shadow tool. This is, especially, beneficial when you’re working on infographics.

  • Impact Tool

This is a big feature of the best graphic design software which basically helps comic and manga artists. The tool generates bursts and speed-lines. Here, you can also modify start and end widths and spacing steps, line style and wide point positions, and weights.

  • Symmetry Drawing Mode

This feature of the best graphic design software is a huge timesaver. You can create designs and drawings by mirroring an object and/or a path. It is very easy to work on numerous source angle or Mirror lines as well as blend variety of elements like objects with different transparency settings and patterns.

One of the most practical inclusions to these features of the best graphic design software is adding a new shape to the image group containing symmetry. You just need to drag the object to the active group by clicking “W”.

Why CorelDraw 2018

  • Practical and measured new features
  • Easy-to-use, flexible, and workflow focused tools
  • All major Windows versions supported

The Bottom Line

Whether you are a professional or an amateur, the high-caliber tools of the graphic design software will help you easily bring your abstract ideas to life. The latest improvements and advancements in the 2018 version are enough to making the best graphic design software a standalone option when it comes to image and design editing.

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