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BleachBit Description

BleachBit is an open-source disk cleaning tool for Windows that helps you free up your valuable disk space. You can remove unnecessary or temporary files along with web traces in order to maintain your privacy.

The software comes with such a simple and well-organized UI that anyone can easily use it. As far as system cleaning is concerned, the cleaning & tweaking tool identifies and removes Internet cache, cookies, URL histories, logs, and Flash cookies for Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc. You’re able to delete data that belongs to web browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, among others. It includes all your cache, DOM storage, crash reports, session restore, history, and site preferences.

One of the best thing that make this system tool more convenient is that it allows you to preview results and find out how much disk space is salvaged after removing files. The latest version of BleachBit is able to identify, locate, preview, and erase unnecessary cached and saved files which are held in your apps on your machine.

The application is not just limited to cleaning your junk files. BleachBit for Windows enables you to shred files and folders in order to prevent them from being recovered with particular programs. Not only this but also the free cache cleaner lets you create a custom list of files and folders which are ready for deletion. Plus, you can also create a whitelist.

Download BleachBit today to clean your PC and free up your valuable disk space.

Key features of BleachBit

 > Allows you to clean your system with ease

 > Lets you delete useless data and free up drive space

 > Command line interface for scripting and automation

 > Can overwrite free drive space to hide previously erased data

 > CleanerML allows you to write a new cleaner using XML

 > Enables you to shred any file

 > Helps you get rid of your system from junk, including cookies, cache, logs, localizations, etc.

 > Deletes junk files to recover disk space and maintain privacy

 > Works on both Windows and Linux

The Pros

 > Easy to navigate UI

 > Helps to maintain privacy by deleting privacy-related data

 > Supports command line operations

 > Multi-lingual support

 > Optimal response time

 > Uses moderate amount of CPU and memory resources

 > Multi-platform

The Cons

 > Sometimes run slowly while performing heavy cleaning

The Bottom Line

BleachBit is an easy-to-use yet powerful disk space cleaner for Windows that is designed to clean your PC and remove redundant data to free up disk space. The program is able to clear Flash (cache and cookies), Windows Explorer (recent documents, search history, etc.), and MS Office (debug logs and most recently used data), among others.

Moreover, you can maintain your privacy and improve PC performance. You can also prepare complete drive images for compression by wiping disk space. The system cleaning utility offers a good response time and quickly finishes its cleaning task. It needs only moderate amount of machine resources to work (depends on your hardware’s specifications).

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Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
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