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AVG Internet Security
Updated: Last week
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AVG Internet Security Description

AVG Internet Security is one of the best system security tools in the market. It has a powerful scan engine, includes tons of essential features, and provides a user-friendly interface.

The scanning engine is fast and powerful, and gets updated regularly. It optimizes the scanning speed based on the priority level. In order to better utilize system resources, scans are put on maximum priority when you are away and on least priority when you’re using your system.

With this Internet security program, it’s possible to schedule virus scans in advance and choose locations you want to analyze, as well as run separate scans to detect rootkits. Download AVG Internet Security to block every security breach on your PC.

Besides, it includes a LinkScanner that checks the safety of the web pages you visit, as well as URLs on various social networks like Twitter and Facebook. To top it all, AVG comes with an anti-spam module that filters unwanted and dangerous emails, along with a personal firewall to block hackers and ensure secure online transactions.

Key features of AVG Internet Security

 > Advanced antivirus- Deeply scans every part of your system for virus, Trojans, rootkits, worms, spyware, and other malicious programs. You can also schedule automatic scans at a predefined time

 > Anti-Ransomware – Blocks hackers from encrypting your personal files and folders

 > Anti-spam and email scanner – Automatically blocks suspicious attachments in your mail, keeps your inbox clean, and prevents chances of online scams

 > Built-in firewall – Firewall works on both wired and wireless networks and blocks hackers from gaining access to your computer

 > Online Shield – Downloaded files are scanned before they are saved to your system, so as to warn you against hidden viruses

 > Link scanner – Keeps you safe from dangerous web pages by scanning the clicked links for suspicious content

 > Software analyzer – This feature monitors the behavior of software running on your PC and warns you if anything is fishy. This helps protect you against malicious programs, and even keyloggers that secretly traces your passwords and bank account details

 > Wi-Fi guard – Protects you against malicious hotspots used by hackers by providing an alert for unknown Wi-Fi networks

The Pros

 > AI Detection feature

 > Cloud based technology

 > Remote Protection

 > Live Support

 > Real-time updates

 > File Shredder

 > Gaming Mode

 > Scans for potentially unwanted applications (PUAs)

The Cons

 > Long installation process

The Bottom Line

The security & privacy utility gives you the power to exclude any component from the installer, whether it is email protection, web browsing, firewall, and PC Analyzer components. Also, the low resource consumption and excellent scanning speed makes AVG Internet Security a good option for your PC protection.

2.99 MB
Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
No other version available
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