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AlomWare Reset
Updated: Last week
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AlomWare Reset Description

AlomWare Reset is an efficient reboot simulator for Windows that allows you to reset your PC without rebooting it. It is a simple yet effective tool that is designed to close all visible applications and windows, clear the clipboard, terminate unresponsive processes, as well as refresh your PC.

By avoiding the system reboot, AlomWare Reset for Windows boasts the ability to reset your system within a few seconds. Not only this but the system tuning program can also remove the data stored in the clipboard, reset the list of most recently opened files, and restore certain settings to default as well. The utility frees up computer memory and improves its performance by carrying out these security tasks.

The computer reset simulator is able to simulate a system reboot which means that even though the OS is not restarted, all unsaved data can still be lost. It displays a reminder before letting you use its function. A warning message is displayed in the interface while you run the software. You can easily reset your PC by confirming that all of your data has been saved.

AlomWare Reset full version lets you take snapshots to save the current settings and then restore it to be able to pick up where you left. What’s more, you can also schedule your computer to get locked or enter standby mode. You can also set a third-party application to run the machine after reset. On top of that, the system tool also offers you the possibility to create a custom list of tasks to terminate while resetting.

Download AlomWare Reset today to reset your system and help your system to run more efficiently.

Key features of AlomWare Reset

 > Simple to use PC reboot simulator

 > Can simulate a system reboot by closing all applications and terminating certain processes

 > Can free as much memory as possible before running a high-end game

 > Can terminate unresponsive processes

 > Freshens your machine without waiting for a logoff or slow reboot

 > Easily closes all apps before installing new software products

 > Can reclaim your privacy by clearing the clipboard and recent document lists

The Pros

 > Easy to configure

 > Ability to free up and optimize your computer’s memory

 > Enables to remove crashed apps which cannot be closed by usual means

 > Helps your machine to run more efficiently

The Cons

 > You can use the software for free with its 14-days trial period only

The Bottom Line

AlomWare Reset is a lightweight system cleaning application which is able to close all open apps and windows, clear the clipboard and recent document lists, kill unresponsive processes, as well as free up machine’s memory. It refreshes your computer without needing to restart it. This feature is especially convenient for older PCs with weaker hardware which requires a lot of time to restart.

In addition, AlomWare Reset gets integrated into the systray and effectively runs in the background without disturbing your work. Last but not the least, the free simulator for PC includes an instruction manual that is available for less-experienced users and helps them to know how it works.

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Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
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