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Adobe Reader Description

Adobe Reader is firmly established as the most popular office tool in the market. The application lets you simplify and streamline all your PDF editing and management tasks.

Your PC may be equipped with a lot of different productivity utilities, each having its own set of features related to variety, style and security. Among these, Portable Document Format is the most famous and secure and you require dedicated applications to view them. One such application is Adobe Acrobat Reader that has created a well-earned name in reading PDF files.

When compared to others, Adobe Reader stands out due to simplicity of interface that displays only the most important features. To gain access to all other functions, you just need to open the panels and menus. Moreover, all the buttons and menus have a natural look and feel, to make its use a cakewalk for beginners.

From the main window, you gain access to various impressive tools for PDF viewing, navigation, as well as editing options that you can use to your advantage. The Windows App has a dedicated Read Mode that can be triggered to make all the unnecessary elements fade away. There’s also an automatic reader option which you can configure to have the entire document read out loud to you using the voice system installed on your PC.

Adobe Reader for Windows has a scroll bar so you can quickly jump to any part of a document. On the other hand, the built-in search tool lets you identify specific words or strings in no time. Download Adobe Reader to make sure you have everything you need in order to work with Portable Document Formats.

If you want to export your PDF document, Adobe Reader offers the most common method of printing, where you can adjust page elements and specifications. Plus, the document can be exported as plain text, or even sent via email.

Key features of Adobe Reader

 > Compare two PDF files using the all-new Compare Files tool

 > Use Certificates tool to digitally sign, certify and verify documents

 > Access and store files in your OneDrive or Dropbox account

 > Scan-to-PDF workflow gives the best scanning results

 > Read aloud option for better accessibility

 > Change themes to match your style

The Pros

 > Elegant and intuitive interface

 > Easily insert comments

 > Full screen reading

 > Useful export options

 > Protected mode to open suspicious files in isolated sandbox

The Cons

 > Slow as compared to other lightweight PDF readers, due to loads of plugins and extensions

The Bottom Line

Adobe reader for PC manages to stay at the top in its category by delivering a powerful, stable and reliable PDF-reading application with timely updates. It’s certainly one of the most essential document management software for every PC user out there.

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Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
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