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Adblock Plus for Internet Explorer Description

Adblock Plus is a small Firefox extension that ensures a clean and uninterrupted browsing experience by dealing with unwanted ads and infuriating banners present on the majority of web pages these days.

While you surf the web, the powerful Adblock Plus engine removes banners, advertisements and tracking cookies to make sure you get a private and secure browsing experience.

Adblock Plus is highly customizable and is also available for Opera and Google Chrome. Firefox’s Adblock Plus comes in the XPI file format and you can install it by using simple ‘drag & drop’ inside Mozilla Firefox. Based on the type of ads blocked, Adblock Plus for Internet Explorer can help you create patterns to remove all similar images in near future. 

The application sits as a small icon in the status bar and enhances your web browsing experience by blocking annoying ads that come into view every time you load a new web page. User interface of this plugin is really easy to operate for both novice and power users.

Another notable feature of this ad blocker is that it can work without any kind of hassles with the standard settings. Besides this, it even allows you to access an online configuration screen.

Moreover, the ad blocking utility for IE is also capable of disabling advertisements for particular websites just by adding their URL to a list. If you want to make some amendments to the list of blocked websites, you can easily do it with just a click of button. Download Adblock Plus for Internet Explorer to get rid of annoying ads from your browser.

Key features of Adblock Plus for Internet Explorer

 > Automatically blocks adverts displayed on the websites you visit

 > Incredibly easy to use, needs no configuration

 > Effective to block almost all advertisements

 > 100% free

The Pros

 > Protects from malware besides blocking ads

 > Disables malware domains, tracking and social media button

 > Available for many other browsers, including Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera

The Cons

 > Offers no advanced features as in other similar ad-blocking applications

 > It allows non-intrusive adverts to flash, but just to encourage better ads

 > Supports only IE 8 + versions

The Bottom Line

Adblock Plus for Microsoft’s IE helps you remove all the pop-ups, YouTube advertisements, ads in your Facebook news feed and blinking banners. Install the IE add-on now to block all ads that annoy you.

With more than 50mn satisfied users across the globe, Adblock Plus is the most popular and efficient browser extension to block ads from the websites you visit.

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Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
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