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Absolute Uninstaller
Updated: Last week
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Absolute Uninstaller Description

Absolute Uninstaller is one of the most preferred program uninstaller. As a fast and user-friendly alternative to remove any unwanted program, it offers you variety of functions so that you can easily search for the application you want to uninstall from your PC along with their installation date and developer name. You can also find the application through a handy search function of this uninstaller.

Any program that is not needed by you anymore in your computer (junks on your hard drive, start menu entries, registry keys and many more) always makes your system slower and time-consuming. To get rid of all these useless stuff Download free Absolute Uninstaller, Considered as a best solution to remove bunch of unwanted programs. It removes all these in batches and automatically fixes multiple invalid entries.

Using less PC resources, it completely uninstall various applications that standard Add/remove program frequently can’t. Its effectiveness and ease of use makes this system tool a great choice to users who want to uninstall redundant files or applications from their valuable computer.

With the Modify property option you can make changes to command line or programs name and if interested in more information regarding the particular application you can switch to its support info and get to know about publisher and version of the app.

Developed by Glorify, Absolute Uninstaller is 100% free from viruses and can uninstall tricky applications inclusively. This software comes with no additional or secreted programs for installation and shows all your recent installations marked as ‘New’ while displaying the list of all installed programs on your system.

Key features of Absolute Uninstaller

  > Completely simple and User-friendly interface

  > Efficient to remove entries and restore them

  > Allows property modification

  > Quickly search for apps to be removed

  > Makes your system quick and speedy


  > Great tool for permanent deletion of your programs

  > Provide rapid list of all installed applications

  > Automatically fix invalid entries

  > Lets to uninstall multiple unwanted programs at once with batch uninstall

  > Provides back-up and lets you restore uninstall information or data


  > Not removing all cyber junk

  > Does not offer real-time monitoring

Bottom Line

Download Absolute Uninstaller for Free to wipe all the garbage you have in your PC that slows your working again and again. It improves your PCs efficiency by wiping off all the unneeded applications. So run your system the way you like with the piece of software that comes to aid you when Windows Built-in removing application cannot work according to your expectations.

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Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
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